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we can help with the relief symptoms of Infertility, Irregular Menstruation, Period pain, Menopause issues, PCOS, etc. 

TOM (Traditional Oriental Medicine) has plentiful experience to help with the relief of the symptoms of women`s disease.


Generally, men and women`s organs, meridians, blood and qi have similar activities but women have different organs like the uterus that affect menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth. These organs communicate with meridians to keep blood and qi (vital energy).


In TOM , dysfunction of the organs or disharmony of qi or blood damages the thoroughfare vessel, conception vessel, governor vessel and girdling vessel respectively lead to different gynecological diseases. And nourishing the kidney, regulating the liver, invigorating the spleen and stomach and harmonising qi (vital energy) and blood are important methods for the improving.”


TOM has been successfully employed for improving all kind of women`s health issues with natural herbal medicine for nourishment, immune-boosting, regeneration, weight control or beauty proposes. Treatment approach contrasts with most modern synthesized products and no adverse effects making them safer alternative choices.


Especially, in case of fertility management both men and women have been well developed in TOM. Identified herbs and acupuncture are the great methods for managing these conditions. TOM fertility techniques can provide a better success rate and less cost.

  • Cupping       

  • Acupuncture (scalp, facial, body, ear)

  • Natural Herbal medicine (Powder, Pills, Capsules, Raw herbs).                        

  • Moxibustion   

  • Low-frequency therapy

  • Meridian scrapping therapy

  • Magnetic acupuncture therapy

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