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About Me

Hello, I'm Shannon. Shannon`s Vital Clinic is ready to help you!

We have very special protocols in treating medical issues with various approaches and flexible applications. We have a lot of successful experience for treatment with identified natural herbal medicine and various methods of acupuncture that are especially effective for the body balancing and energy boosting.

Education and Certifications

Fully qualified Bachelor degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture & Chinese

Materia Medica (91133NSW) from SITCM Sydney NSW Australia

Related Experience

Nov. 2014 - Jan. 2015

Kyung Hee Hospital (South of Korea) Clinical Practicum training at Oriental Medicine Department under the supervision of hospital doctors. Areas include internal medicine, gynaecology, paediatrics, acupuncture, and traumatology.

Completed the workshop of Zhu`s scalp acupuncture.

Completed the workshop of Daniel Deng`s acupuncture.

Completed the workshop of clinical application and experience on the key Chinese Medicine formulas for commonly seen clinical disease at UTS (University of Technology Sydney)

Completed the workshop of better IVF outcomes with TCM by Peter Kington.

Completed the workshop of the motor points acupuncture by Richard Hazel.

Completed the workshop of the treatment of miscellaneous disease by purging.

Completed the workshop of the clinical application of wen bing in the treatment of viral infectious disease

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